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Product Description

The US military, Police departments, and competitive shooters all use dry fire training to become better at hitting their targets. Dry fire training helps you to improve your shooting skills and accuracy. You can practice proper grip, trigger control, sight alignment and breathing techniques. It can also help you to overcome any bad habits you may have developed, such as the anticipation of recoil.

Bullz-i App makes dry fire practice more fun.  It gives you instant feedback, showing you precisely where your shots hit the target. It also allows you to track your progress by saving the results directly to your phone, and share it with your friends.

Bullz-i App analyses your shooting results to identify the shooting errors, such as trigger jerking, heeling, thumbing, and others  and provides an expert advise for improving your shooting skills.

How it works

All you need to practice your dry fire training is to download and install the Bullz-i App, and set your mobile phone vertically by placing it against any supporting surface, with the phone’s camera pointed at the shooting target and run the Bullz-i App. The Bullz-i App monitors the target for hits from the actual handgun and maps the hits onto the phone's display - showing you precisely where you shot the target.

Supported Platforms

Currently the Bullz-i App works with your Apple iPhone ONLY. It is going to be expanded to Android phones fairly soon. The Bullz-i App does not require any additional tools, devices or plugins. It allows you to train at home with an actual firearm & your mobile phone ONLY.

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